St. Valentines Day 2001 will forever be remembered in the City of Dundee and beyond, as the day something quite dramatic happened to the Taxi trade.
The Dundee Taxi Cab Co. was born

Training didn’t just start with our Drivers. Office and support staff were interviewed, employed and went through 3months of training before we actually sent our first Taxi to pick up our first fare. Investing as we did in the latest technology going “Live” was never an option until all staff were totally competent and increasingly confident in using, what was at the time, something completely new. Since then various upgrades and innovations have kept us well ahead of our competitors to such an extent that for the last 4 years we have successfully developed a unique Smart-Card system in conjunction with Dundee City Council’s I.T. department that delivers transport solutions to a wide range of customers under the banner of the Taxi-Card Scheme. Every secondary school pupil and all Dundee’s Abertay students have the card with Dundee University to follow.

As for the Vehicles, we have had 3 very distinct but different fleets since 2001. Our first was the Mercedes E class, discounted to us at the time and provided with a full 3 years unlimited mileage warranty and a great success. Followed by the London black cab style, TX11. Unfortunately these were nothing but a total disaster with the running costs spiralling out of control. We took the decision to sell them before the warranties ran out and now only have a few for our wheelchair commitments. Finally our present vehicles, once again decked out in our now familiar silver livery is our fast expanding fleet of Skoda Octivia. With a fixed price for all servicing, tyres and road tax we now have the car, maintenance package and the cost completely on budget and look forward to increasing the fleet on this basis.


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